18 February 2013

We must build dikes of courage to hold back the flood of fear

Yesterday I had a great birthday! It started off a little earlier than I would have liked, but the result of that was wonderful! My girlfriend took me to bead works on Granville Island and we made bracelets to support my special boys fight and the day ended just the way I loved it...my little fighter in my arms<3.

I missed Joren so much last night...we spent 3 nights together prior to yesterday and all 3 nights he ended up in my bed for cuddles. It's hard to be absent much of the time from him, especially since he's growing and changing so quickly. That should get a little better once we're out in Vancouver full time through all this. Speaking of which, our social worker just came to inform us that the trailer is finally available. It makes it a little easier for us, as we can start moving our 6 months worth of supplies in there before the end of the month.

We didn't receive the best of news this afternoon. Keian's temperature has been climbing for most of the late morning and is now currently sitting at 38.1 - his blood cultures for his bacterial infection from a few days ago, have now come up negative, but the antibiotics he is currently on are broad spectrum and do not cover all the bases. They've done another blood culture, testing for c-diff and a nasal pharageal wash. I guarantee he will not like the NPW - he is very sensitive with anything to do with his nose, especially since the NG tube has been placed. He will also require another platelet transfusion, of which will be the 8th one since admission on January 29th. They'll be starting him back on vancomycin, before they know what type of infection it is and what it is sensitive to.

The Doctor just came to examine every inch of Keian, as infections can also hide. She also mentioned it is possible that the same klebsiella pneumonae infection has returned and become resistant to the current antibiotics. Wonderful. It seems things just keep creeping in, in more ways than one. For now, he looks well, so they're testing all his bodily fluids and blood for any type of virus, bacteria or fungus.

He loves it when the teachers come to work with him - one is with him now. I know it makes him feel very good when he gets compliments and the first thing she said to him was, "I hear you're brilliant". As a Mom, admittedly it makes me very proud. He's always been a very inquisitive child and very interested in hands on learning. I'm so happy that they have teachers on site that are willing to work with him. As much as I know he loves spending time with Ryan and I, he needs time with others, so that he can have some diversity.

"The world breaks everyone, and afterward, some are strong at the broken places"

I love you more than words can say <3

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  1. I am so pleased to learn about the teachers as I was wondering about his education. I am totally amazed, Chantal, about your strength. I am concerned about your own health, with Keian in one direction and Joren in another. You are without a doubt the most special mother. I have made a bucket list as I will be 75 in July. On that list is that I meet you, Keian and Joren. Love always, Aunt Sharron