12 February 2013

Cancer sucks

This morning, Keian woke up with a fever of 39. When I talked to Ryan, Keian was curled up in a ball shivering - worst feeling ever when I couldn't be there at that moment with him. With his blood counts as low as they are, he is unable to fight off infections. They drew blood and sent it to the lab, but we will need to wait 2 days before we find out the type of infection it is - in the meantime, he has been started on 2 strong IV antibiotics to do the fighting for him. He was complaining of a slight sore throat this morning, so we're hopeful that it is just a touch of a viral infection...the lesser of the evils.

He was much better by the time I got to the hospital - he requested I bring stuff to make tacos for dinner. I was quite impressed he was interested in food, as he is on full NG feeds. About 2 tbsp of ground beef and cheese and he was full.

He also required another platelet transfusion - they aren't lasting for more than a day. The port site for his GCSF was also looking a little red and inflamed tonight, so the nurse removed it and they will place another tomorrow night before his shot needs to be given - definitely an awkward position, as he cries nearly every time now. When he had the GCSF last month, all we needed to do was tap on the skin above and he was golden.

I follow an amazing cake decorator on facebook by the name of The Sweet Flour - she had a post for someone to win a free giant valentines day cupcake and I was chosen! I'm so excited to give it to my boy on Thursday, I just know he's going to love it!

He's quite flushed, but yet his fever is down to 37.3, thanks to tylenol.

I look like something I call "Hospital Mom"...not all of us take on this wonderful hue, but I'm one of the lucky ones. My skin is horrible, my hair is littered with grey and I need a cut - oh what I wouldn't give to be getting my hair and makeup done right now!

"You never know how strong you are until you have to be"

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