18 February 2013

A Father's love...

Each day, I’m surprised by how well Keian is tolerating treatment and everything that has been thrown his way. It appears as though we can breathe a sigh of relief when it comes to the previously mentioned klebsiella pneumonae. The culture they drew from Keian have since shown negative growth. They’ll keep him on the antibiotics for another two weeks, to ensure it stays at bay. This infection is known to hide in the nooks and crannies of the human body, much like the Leukemia he is already battling. I am beyond proud of the little boy that I love to no end.

This past week or so, we’ve celebrated a couple of days that we would normally outside of a hospital; Valentine’s day and Chantal’s Birthday. We tried to make both as special as we could, while being confined to a hospital room. We try to make each day a great day, but even more so these days with “homemade” cards and presents. For Chantal’s birthday, I helped Keian make a fantastic family picture, which was put into a decorated and hand painted picture frame of his own design. He also made an amazing birthday card all, on his own. I absolutely love to see him put so much time and care into everything he makes. To make the room more cheerful, I went to the gift shop to grab a birthday balloon and ribbons. Keian and I also decided what kind of Birthday cake we should get her. When she came into the room, she looked so happy to see Keian, myself and the “party room” we had. Keian and I sang a rousing rendition of Happy Birthday, which was apparently heard by a few rooms in the ward. Of course we wish we could have taken her to dinner or somewhere fun, but we make the best of that which is given to us. I think we do a great job of that. Not to brag, but we do have a great family that can roll with the punches, or atleast we try to.

This time on the hospital is much different that others. I understand what lies ahead for our little hero, but still. With his numbers so low, Keian is stuck in his room. No open doors, no playroom on 3B, no trip to the cafeteria. His world is his room. It’s hard to see him get frustrated with boredom sometimes. We try our best to keep him busy. Each morning I wake up with him is a beautiful day. He is so sweet, most definitely a morning person. Just hearing him say good morning is better than anything. When one of his doctors came by a few days ago with x-rays, his eyes lit up. He was so attentive and inquisitive. Both her and I were amazed with the questions he asked and the fine details that caught his eye. He’s definitely wise beyond his years and shows a maturity that even some grown men fail to possess. The doctor emailed us a sample of the images, including one that showed gas pockets in his torso; yes we saw his farts and burps...he loved it, but what boy wouldn't.

It’s really hard to believe that in 10 days, we will be out of our place in Langley and living full time in Vancouver. This couch that I’m sitting on right now will be in storage. It’s challenging to move this way. To be honest, Chantal is an expert on packing, while I’m the master of grunt work. To do so without the other there is difficult and discouraging - this whole situation is beyond difficult to endure, especially when our world now revolves around trade off's. Sometimes, I wish we could stay. The landlords have been so accommodating and concerned with our well being. Chantal was right when she said to me though, this place will bring memories of when Keian was sick. I agree with her, though it did feel like a home. The next place we find, we will not compromise. We will not settle. We will find our children the home that they deserve. Until then our home is BC Children’s Hospital, our extended family will be the Doctors, nurses and others who help us during Keian’s Journey. We have a roof over our heads, clothes on our backs and food on our plates. Yes, sometimes it’s hospital food, but that’s besides the point. If Keian can fight this hard, then we can fight to make wherever we are home.

Ryan - Daddy to the best little boys ever.

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