24 February 2013

A strong end, brings a strong beginning...

It's been a busy few days for everyone. On Thursday, Keian's fever held back. They wanted to be sure to cover all the possibilities with his secondary infection, since everything was being returned negative. They took a throat swab to check for strep and we went down for a chest x-ray to rule out infection around his lungs. Yes! I said went down! It was his first time out of his room since February 5th - mind you, he needed to wear a mask, but none the less, it was a very welcomed adventure. It's pretty bad when you consider meandering down to the radiology department an adventure! Keian has grown into himself and his personality quite a bit the last couple of weeks - he was extremely chatty with the radiologist the second the door opened.

Thursday morning also brought some wonderful news - Keian's counts were coming in! Nearly 2 weeks ahead of schedule, and are still continuing to climb, bringing in a number of 6.36 for his neutrophils this morning! He was taken off the GCSF today, so his counts will drop once that happens, but he will likely still remain high enough to avoid becoming neutropenic again. And within a few days, it will begin to climb again.

What does all this mean for Keian, since he is now no longer fevering and tomorrow is the last day for his antibiotics? It means he will be discharged! Anywhere between tomorrow afternoon and Wednesday, we'll be walking out the doors as an inpatient until March 12th. We won't be far, as our 'home' is just across the parking lot!

I was home on Thursday and Friday night while I was packing - thanks to some lovely ladies, I was able to get most of it done before Saturday afternoon arrived. Saturday night, Ryan and I switched off and he went home for the night to finish last minute things.

This morning, we were beyond amazed when over a dozen men showed up to help Ryan move. Two of those men are part of an amazingly beautiful family that have been a wonderful support throughout most of our journey. The other men were firemen that took time from their day to generously help move us! Incredible...that's all I can really say!

Thank you to every single person that have helped us along the way, so far. We're strong, but we're even stronger with you! We love you all more than words can say<3

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