10 August 2012

Super Keian and Kaptain Lasers to the rescue!!!

At this time, exactly one month ago, we were sitting in a hospital room with our boy after being told the worst news a parent could ever hear - your child is very sick. Well, today the Doctor called us with the outcome of his MRD - it's official...Keian is in REMISSION!!!

The Leukemia count when he was diagnosed was 80% and he is now sitting at .27% - I can't even begin to express how we're feeling after hearing this news!

Tuesday we start the protocol for his consolidation phase, followed by the interim maintenance phase, where he will start on his HD MTX (high dose methotrexate). During this time, we'll be admitted to hospital after every dose of this he receives - it will be 4 in total. The drug is very potent, and therefore requires observation until it leaves his system. They're estimating 3-4 day stays every couple of weeks and during this time, they will administer a "rescue" drug called, Methotrexate Leucovorin Rescue. After this interim maintenance is complete, we move onto the delayed intensification phase, which is where he will receive his 8 doses of cranial radiation.

Every bit of this scares me to death. I find myself waking up at night just to hear him breathe. When he complains that something is hurting, or that he has a head ache, I cringe. This is, by far, the hardest thing I have ever endured - the thing is, that I am not even the one that is going through it directly. I can't even explain it really...it's surreal. I can admit that there have been times through this last month that I have been in denial. First, it was the diagnosis. Then it was when he got his first chemo dose, then it was about him losing his hair. The last weekend before we decided to throw him a head shaving party is when we started to notice his hair thinning. I guess I didn't expect it to happen that way. It wasn't until these last couple days that I can physically see the hairs coming out. He finds it hilarious when I tell him that even though he is going to lose his hair, it will come back and that one day, his Daddy won't be so lucky!:)

Today was a GOOD day! Not only because we got great news, but because he was being crazy goofy and giggling for most of it. He's still really weak and sore, but the fact that he can still laugh when he's feeling down is amazing. That right there tells you what kind of boy he is. He is full of life, even when his life is in the process of a battle. THIS is how he lives his life - full of love and light. His life is the most incredible thing that I have and will ever be part of.

Before bed tonight, he asked if he could feed Joren. Feed him?! He has asked to hold him numerous times, but this was the first time he had asked for that. He did amazing! His little brother adores him - his eyes light up whenever he comes around. I can't say I blame him.


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  1. wow! incredible!!! I work with ryan :) I am so glad to hear the good news!!!