9 August 2012

"A poke, a band-aid and a sticker. That's it!"

Yesterday marked an important date - the end of the first phase of Chemotherapy for Keian. He had a Lumbar Puncture to introduce the Intrathecal Methotrexate (a chemo drug that is injected directly into his spinal fluid to kill Leukemia cells in his CNS), and a Bone Marrow Biopsy. His last BMX (Bone Marrow Biopsy) was 2 weeks ago, and at that time, he was sitting at 4% Leukemia cells. 5-10 years ago, they didn't have the sophisticated testing they do now to determine the small amounts of cells left. We are awaiting results from his MRD (Minimal Residual Disease), where they basically examine the cells to determine, at the molecular level, how much of the Leukemia remains. If he tests positive for MRD, he is considered high risk for the Leukemia returning once he hits remission. They're hoping for the results this weekend and once they do have them, we will start the next phase on Tuesday or Wednesday. We'll be at Children's Hospital 4-5 consecutive days, every week, over the next 4 weeks. It'll become like our 2nd home. I'm so grateful that when he was admitted to the Oncology ward when he was diagnosed last month, that the nurses and Doctors were so top notch and made him feel very comfortable...as comfortable as you can with being poked and examined and put through everything he has been. We'll have to make some banana bread this weekend, as he tells me that he'd like to bring some to his Doctor - that's my sweet boy, right there :)

On Tuesday we will start phase 2, which is called consolidation. My little boy will be pumped with an additional 6 Chemo drugs, on top of the 15 that have entered his system since July 10th. Amongst the numerous serious side effects that this new batch can bring, he will very likely have nausea/vomiting and a loss of appetite. While I'm on the appetite trail...I can't believe how much one little person can fit in their belly! He is ALWAYS hungry, thanks to the Prednisone. I think of it this way...pump him full of good, healthy foods. Right now, we're pretty much giving him as much as he asks for, as we know that next week, once the Prednisone has left his body, he won't be asking for anything.

This next couple weekends will be busy - we're taking Keian to see the Vancouver Canadians (he has discovered his love for baseball this year) this Saturday and next, and following the game there will be a fireworks show. He is going to LOVE it! I'm waiting for the day, which I'm sure is very soon to come, where he starts asking for more major league team baseball hats - he has pointed at Mariners gear in the past. Next Sunday will be a Daddy and Son day, which is what they call a "Man-date". Back in June, Ryan won a small prize pack, which included tickets to see a BC Lions game.

Keian still remains the sweetest, most heart-warming little boy. He is always expressing his love to Daddy and I. He ADORES his little brother and I know the feeling is mutual - Joren is now 9 weeks old and is freely flashing smiles. He watches every move that Keian makes. He usually won't leave the room without going over to Joren to give him a kiss on the forehead to tell him how much he loves him.

I can't even begin to describe or thank all the people that have helped us through this so far. From the second we were admitted to the hospital, until this day, I am constantly reminded of how many love Keian. His strength and determination to remain strong and fight along side with Kaptain Lasers can be seen by so many. Keian is our special boy and through all of this, he still remains goofy enough to make us laugh every day! ~Chantal

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