7 August 2012

Power Up, Super Keian

One of the hardest parts that I've seen during Keian's battle is his lack of energy. It wasn't that long ago when we would have to tell him to sit down while he was playing Wii - he would constantly jump up and down in excitement. Lately, he's resorted to lying on the couch, curled up in a ball. His gaming skills never diminished, just the excitement in his body language and eyes.

Once, there was a time where getting him down to nap or to bed was almost futile. Now he actually asks to go lay down. Part of me loves to finally be the victor in the timeless bedtime battle, but a bigger part of me hates to see Keian so withdrawn from doing what he loves to do.

Over the past few days, I've seen more and more of the usually goofy son of mine that I know. Though not at 100%, I enjoyed play wrestling with him yesterday and hearing him giggle (which is enough to brighten up anyone's day). While not as quickly, he tried to run as I chased him around the kitchen island. He hasn't napped in a couple of days and his complexion is no longer the sickly pale that it was (or like mine always is).

I understand that there will be ups and downs during this battle, but this shows me that he is fighting and he will always be the Keian that everyone loves - especially his dad.


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