12 August 2012

Buy me some peanuts and cracker jacks...(and hot dogs and fries and donuts and popcorn and ...)

What a great day we had yesterday! Keian was sooo excited for the baseball game and he even got a cool bonus! As we were waiting for the gates to open, one of the security guards held out a ball for him. He was even lucky enough to get some autographs, or as Keian would say, "designs" on his ball. From the second we walked through the doors, he drew attention to the popcorn. For the next hour following, we were reminded every minute of how much he wanted popcorn - this was also after the big hot dog and fries he already ate. If you ask Keian why he is always hungry, he pipes in with his attempt at a masculine voice with "prednisonnnnnne" (during our hospital stay, we gave his meds names and he always thought prednisone sounded as if it were a superhero).

We were lucky enough to be there on a night where they had fireworks after the game - this was Keian's first time seeing fireworks, besides of course the miniature displays he has seen on Halloween. I was actually quite impressed with the show and Keian, of course, sat in amazement.

Except for being quite tired after the game, Keian was feeling pretty good yesterday. I do have to say that I am getting quite concerned with the bloody noses. He has had a total of 3 this last week alone - he has never had this in his life. They don't seem overly concerned, unless it is bleeding profusely. Apparently, it is quite common while on chemo. We go for a blood test tomorrow to make sure his numbers are holding steady enough for his next round of chemo on Tuesday - if not, we will need to go in for more transfusions before they start administering the new drugs. I'm thinking his platelets may be low, as he has also been slowly bleeding from his bone marrow biopsy site since Wednesday. I am so thankful for all the people that regularly give blood, as Keian has needed numerous transfusions and will likely require more during the duration of his treatment. This is something I have decided I will now do on a regular basis.

The ride home was filled with Scottish cats and Jewish crows. They were coming at me from all angles. Keian was laughing uncontrollably! It warms every inch of me to see him having so much fun. Of course, it made the night even better when he was able to sit beside one of his favourite girls!

Onto another great day for my little superhero...


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