21 August 2012

Lions roar...Part 2 of 2

Today was an early, early day - up at 4:45 a.m. to pack for the hospital on treatment day. I would have never realized how long it takes to get a family of 4 up, fed and ready for the trek out the door by 6:30. Joren has been wonderful this last couple of nights, sleeping for close to 6 hours without waking up! With the lack of relaxation lately, it's well needed. Wait...relaxation? What's that? Dinner should learn to make itself - it really should. It's quite the feat to try to keep up with making sure the family is fed with healthy, hearty home-made foods when we're rarely home. I need a cook.

They decided today at his treatment to skip his Lumbar Puncture, as they need to allow his body to return to base-line once his current symptoms from last week subside. So far, his blood work is coming back pretty stable - crash is expected to happen on day 7-10 of Consolidation - today is day 7. We go back tomorrow and Thursday for more Chemo and then on Friday, they will re-run his bloodwork. They are anticipating that he will need more transfusions. They are also warning us that we will need to stay away from public places for at least a week during this time, as his immunity will be wiped out.

Today, on the way home from treatment, Keian's Grandpa had arranged one last stop. BC Lions were practicing today and they wanted Keian to come out and see what they do. After meeting Wally Buono and Mike Benevides, he was invited to head out into the field and break the huddle! How awesome is that! Keian is definitely a shy boy and being surrounded by that many big football players can feel slightly intimidating, but the guys on the team made him feel like he was the biggest man there. After breaking the huddle, he was lifted on top of their shoulders for a cheer. He came off the field beaming with a smile and a memory he will likely never forget! What a great day!

Words cannot express how heart warming it is for us to see all these kind, wonderful gestures that have been shown towards Keian and our family during this time.

Keian, you so freely give your love and show your light and it will be returned every day. We love you and will continue to fight the fight right along with you and on days where you cannot fight, we will carry you.


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  1. What an awesome experience for Keian... I'm glad that you guys were able to make that happen and lift his spirits. He's fortunate to have you guys as parents... cuz Rog