11 March 2013

Sunny days, chasin' the clouds away...

Today is Sunday and though Keian was very sick for the first 2 days after admission, he's had a great couple of days to follow!

He is currently on 2 antibiotics - originally this was 4, but due to some cultures returned as a negative for a particular bacteria and virus, they were able to remove this from his line. He is still without his NG tube, but his appetite is hit or miss right now - he's down .7 kg since Thursday. He also had an MRI on Friday, as they wanted to be sure that his meningitis hadn't pooled any pockets of infection in his brain and spine. He's always so proud of himself after MRI's, as he should be! He requires no sedation, nor does he use the headphones to block out the sound - all this considering they are upwards of 45 minutes and he is lying straight as a board, he doesn't move an inch!

Since bacterial meningitis is contagious, Joren wasn't able to come near us or the hospital for the first 48 hours, but once infectious disease cleared K as being infectious, he was taken off isolation and the brother's were reunited! They sure do love each other and since there is no NG tube for Joren to get his hands on, they were able to get in lots of cuddles.

For the last 3 days, they have given K a 2 hour pass to leave the hospital. Though he is not allowed far, it has been wonderful to get him out, especially when there was 2 gorgeous days. A couple quick trips to the trailer, out on the patio to play soccer, to the playroom and his favourite...the Lego store over at Oakridge!

Overall, he's doing extremely well - extremely well does not come without incident though...his cultures from his cloudy LP and blood have not grown anything. The problem with this being unknown, is that they go into transplant unknown. His symptoms have subsided, but they will keep him on antibiotics for the full 14 days to try to alleviate any chance that this bacteria will remain.

I've been noticing his eyes a lot more this last couple days. I even mentioned to Ryan today that it appears he is showing off perma eyeliner - until I looked closer tonight. His eye lashes are growing back!!! This will be short-lived, as once he begins transplant conditioning, it will all fall out again. Just the thought of his beautiful thick, long eye lashes flickering around make me smile - all of Keian's friends and family will remember those amazing lashes! He looks so healthy right now - wonderful colour in his cheeks, a little pudge here and there and a smile that doesn't end! It's a wonderful sight to see<3

We've been having some problems getting Keian to eat fruit and tonight as I was racking my brain, I remembered a place that did edible fruit arrangements and thought perhaps that would do the trick. It definitely wouldn't hurt to try, especially since these weeks prior to transplant give us the best chance, nutrition wise, to get him ready.

Just as we were getting ready for bed tonight, our nurse told us that we would have to move. There was a patient that came into ER that was very sick and therefore was very important for them to be up on K's floor. He's been on 3B since Wednesday - 3B is where the sickest kids are and where K will be during transplant. So, after 9 pm, we were packing up our room to come down to 2B.

Today, Ryan and I celebrated our anniversary - spent with our boys, we wouldn't have it any other way! We've grown even closer this last year and we know we can count on each other always. I love him more than he can even imagine - he's been such a huge support for me throughout Keian's journey and during our happy days, he's been my best friend and giggle partner. There's been days that I just couldn't hold things together and there he was following right behind me picking up the pieces. I am a very lucky woman to have such incredible men that I can call my own. Throughout this next year, I am confident that there will be a lot more celebrations to join in our days. Until we wait for the next one, we keep smiling and surround ourselves with hope and strength. We will allow the bad days and tears to seep in, but will follow those days with courage and love!

To those wishing to send Keian mail, you can send it to:

BC Children's Hospital Oncology 2B - Keian Blundell 4480 Oak Street Vancouver, BC V6H 3V4

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