20 March 2013

Keian's journey continues...

Keian was discharged yesterday afternoon and I can't begin to explain how nice it was for us to finally have everyone under one roof sleeping. To top it off, last night we were able to hear the pelting rain on the roof of the trailer - one of the things I absolutely love! The morning came and what other to do than to have a family cuddle in bed and that is exactly what we did!

This week, we are going to focus on fun and getting out in the fresh air, as we all know that will be a while. Tonight, as I type, we are over at my Dad's having a home cooked Turkey dinner - Keian's request, since it's one of his favourites. Then, this weekend, we're over at my Mom's for an early Easter dinner, as K will be in the hospital during Easter. Not to worry, I have assured him that the easter bunny will find him no matter where he is, just like Santa. He joked about how he thought maybe he would hide some eggs in the hats they put in the toilet?!

On Tuesday, he begins his cranial radiation - I'm beyond scared for this, but I'm feeling very confident he will handle all of it just like he's handled everything else thus far. He is one determined kid and he is determined to get out there and live like a completely healthy, normal 5 year old. Speaking of 5 years old, he won't be 5 for much longer. Unfortunately, since his bone marrow transplant will be infused on April 5th, he will be behind the glass on his birthday. I have told him that we will have a huge party after he's finished all his treatment to celebrate his life in every way possible<3 But, on April 14th, when my little love reaches 6 years old I will thank the lucky stars that he is our little boy.

Right now, he is feeling amazing - full of exuberant energy, love and vitality...the best I've ever seen him. He makes us smile every second of every day, whether it be with his beautiful smile or his silly smirks.

I have created a Facebook group to mark the beginning the next phase of his journey. Since this will be a fight for his life, we may not always have enough time to make as many detailed blog posts as I usually have. We will use the Facebook group to make short, daily updates and continue with the blog for weekly/bi-weekly details throughout the remainder of his treatment. Keian can also receive messages of encouragement or just a quick hello - I will be sure to read every single post that comes in for him.

If you would like to request to join this group, you can follow the link below:


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