24 September 2012

You never know how many apples are in a seed...

It's been a while since I updated this post - seems quite funny since you'd think I would have had a ton of time, as we've been stuck at home this last 2 weeks. Keian hasn't been able to continue chemo for 3 weeks as his ANC count was below critical. It seemed they started their downhill slide about 4 weeks ago, with the week before last being the lowest yet, with a number of .2 - critical is considered .5. So, we've been pretty much under house arrest this last 2 weeks, avoiding everyone to protect Keian from any external infections. For the last 3 Mondays, we've gone to the lab to check his counts and every time we are given the results, we'd be left disappointed. This is definately not the time to have to stop chemo so early into his treatment, but they are unable to during the time that he is neutropenic.

We usually get the test results by late afternoon, but I was too anxious to wait and called on our way out of the orchard. AMAZING news!! His numbers were finally up! And to almost double what was required, sitting at 1.2 ANC. This was amazing news for a couple reasons - the more time he is not able to receive treatment, the more chance of relapse during this time and also that we won't be stuck in hermit-ville. Perfect timing for the gorgeous fall weather! Keian asked me last week if we could go to Bear Creek Park, so I think this week we will definately have to pack a picnic and head out!

Tomorrow now brings on a new week of treatment - we'll be back at Children's everyday this week. I expect Keian might be a little nervous when he wakes up, as he's been mentioning the fact that he needs an LP tomorrow quite a few times today. So far, he's been quite easily reasurred that we'll always be there holding his hand when he's there, and he's young enough that's actually enough. He's definately a boy that's easy to love! I'm actually quite nervous myself though about what this week shall bring after being off treatment for 3 weeks and then pumping all the drugs back into his system. When you're the parent of a sick child, no matter what sickness, you're prepared for anything - Mattress protectors, sick buckets, garbage cans and cloth and wipes beside their bed. We now have a rubbermaid tote in our trunk that holds extra clothes, wipes, blanket, sick supplies and water.

Now, onto the good stuff...

I promised Keian that no matter what the results were to be today, that we'd go apple picking at the orchard out in Abbotsford, as I knew that being outside in that setting, it would be easy to avoid others. What a perfect day to go apple picking. We decided to get 2 huge bags of Fuji apples, so that we can make homemade chunky apple sauce - perfect healthy nutrition for my boy! We made our way through the orchard and then headed over to the store to buy some fresh apple cider....best EVER! Keian drank atleast a cup of it on the way home! His first request? "Can we make some caramel apples?" Just the fact that he asked made me happy considering what his appetite has been like the last few weeks.

It makes me so happy to see that no matter what Keian and my family are going through, that we are stronger than ever, as our bond is growing stronger everyday. We'll always take care of eachother <3


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