8 September 2012

We'll take the sunshine, but not the 'heat' that comes with it

This has been a rough week all around. Keian's appetite has been going downhill all week and then on Thursday, he pretty much refused everything. His diet for the last 3 days wouldn't even fill a cup. He has been constantly complaining of a headache today and that he has no appetite. He won't even eat his once favourite foods. His liquid intake has been far less than substantial and since Thursday night, he has vomited 13 times. I can't even get him to keep Ondanse down, as the second it hits his tongue, he throws up. He has started to need naps during the day again - he is sleeping as I write this. He looks basically unwell - no other way to describe it really. I just got off the phone with the Oncologist and she wants me to watch him for a few more hours, and if things don't seem to improve, I will likely be driving out to Children's to get him admitted for IV.

We are booked in for chemo every day next week, but it is number dependant. 6:30 a.m. on Monday morning I will be sitting at the lab to get his bloodwork done.

I am stressed. It's honestly so hard to juggle a young baby, who requires alot of attention at this age, with a sick 5 year old having to go through this. I don't show worry around Keian, as I know it makes things worse for him, so I don't make much of a deal when I'm sitting with him and holding him and a bucket when he's getting sick.

Today is just one of those days I suppose I should expect. No matter what, he handles everything so well and tries to be so strong. Even when he's feeling as crappy as he is, he still has concern for others. Today, when Joren was fussing, he wanted to hold him. As he did, he kept cuddling into him and bringing his face close to his and repeated "It's ok, it's ok, Joren", while he kissed him on the forehead. He is literally the light of my life.

Earlier in the week, we finally switched his bed to the 'loft' style he wanted - he was feeling pretty yucky, but still wanted to show his baby brother what it's like to be up high!

Onto gearing myself up for a long night. ~Chantal

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